Richard Charles Lee – involvement in HK & China Gas, HK Tube and Metal Products (Peng Chau) and many other companies…

HF: Richard Charles Lee (b. 7th March 1905, d. 6th July 1983) was the son of Lee Hysan (1881-1928). The story of his life can be found in the book written by his daughter Vivienne Poy, Building Bridges: The Life & Times of Richard Charles Lee, linked below which as you will see can be read online.

Richard Charles Lee, photo 1952 extracted from the Life & Times of RCL

Lee had extensive business interests  in Hong Kong many of which are of great interest to us as they were of a manufacturing or otherwise industrial nature. I have listed all the companies he was involved in and mentioned in Building Bridges below.

All photographs are courtesy of Vivienne Poy.

Richard Charles Lee, photo as a young boy with his father extracted from the Life & Times of RCL

Richard Charles Lee and Lee Hysan c1909

Lee was Chairman of the following companies:
Associated Properties Ltd
Canadian and Oriental Oil Ltd
Duro Holdings Ltd
Garden Hotels Holdings (Hong Kong) Ltd
Gande Price Investement Co Ltd
Grand Marine Holdings Ltd
Hong Kong & China Gas Co Ltd
Hong Kong Telephone Co Ltd
Hong Kong Tube & Metal Products Ltd
Hysan Development Co Ltd
International Entertainment Enterprises Ltd
Kowloon Taxicab & Transport Co Ltd
Kwong Lee Enterprises
Lee Gardens Hotel Ltd
Lee Hysan Estate Co Ltd
RCL Semiconductor Ltd
Western Trading Co Ltd

Deputy Chairman of:
NM Rothschild & Sons Hong Kong Ltd
Yamaichi International (Hong Kong) Ltd

And a Director of:
Associated Bankers Insurance Co Ltd
Bank of East Asia Ltd
Eastern Navigation Co Ltd
Hong Kong Building & Loan Agency Co Ltd
Hong Kong Land Investment & Agency Co Ltd
Kong Realty & Trust Co Ltd
The Textile Corporation of Hong Kong
Wheelock Marden & Co Ltd
& other companies

This article was first posted on 6th July 2015.


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