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Hugh Farmer: The lifeblood of this Group and its website are contributions. We have had over 120 people contributing in some way. Why not join them?

If you would like to write on a new subject, add information/images about an existing one, or simply add a comment at the end of an article it would be great to hear from you.

Or if you find photographs or other images of HK’s Industrial past that we haven’t yet mentioned.

Or if you can take your own pictures of places of interest that remain.

Feel free to contact me:-  indhhk “at”gmail dot com

We occasionally need brief translations of Chinese into English. Can you help?

Articles posted in the last month include:

Chinese Airline buys Bailey’s Shipyard – a hotbed of political strife 1949-1955

Bailey's Shipyard-July 1952-barriers & police patrolling

Beer in Hong Kong – the early days up to the planned opening of its first brewery

Beer in HK The Early Days...image 1

New Territories Footpaths – Pre 1900

Old Paths

Kruse & Co – HK importers of cigars – Imperia del Mundo Manila cigars

Kruse and Co premises snipped 20th Century Impressions

Rat bins – HK Electric/Gas connection and to a colloquial Cantonese “affectionate” term

Rat Bin snipped Gwulo image

Ah King’s Shipyard – location 1925 to 1955?

Causeway Bay typhoon shelter photo 1950 Stephen Davies snipped b



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