Hong Kong bamboo scaffolders defy safety rules – SCMP article

HF: The SCMP of 18th April 2015 contains the article, Spider sense: Hong Kong’s scaffolders defy gravity and safety rules.

According to Labour Department regulations, scaffolders are compelled to use safety equipment including wearing belts and remain attached to a “secure anchorage while on the skeleton frame.” However, as everyone who lives in Hong Kong knows…

HK had 1,734 registered bamboo scaffolders at the end of 2014 according to figures from the Construction Workers Registration Board.

Courtesy: SCMP Photo -Robert Ng

Courtesy: SCMP Photo -Robert Ng

Bamboo SCMP photo b 18.4.15

Courtesy: SCMP Photo -Robert Ng

The SCMP article 18th April 2015

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