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Louis Heermann was an assistant in the shop of Charles Weiss from the year 1854. After the shop was closed upon the death of Henry Vaucher, Mr. Heermann opened his own shop on Queen’s Road in February 1858 (Friend of China 1 Feb 1858)… Not long after opening his own store, Mr. Heermann left Hong Kong. (Adapted from source 1)

Thanks to Richard McGeough for re-typing the following extract from Carl Smith’s RASHKB article linked below.

“One of Mr. Heerman’s assistants, Charles J. Gaupp continued the business after his employer left. There were three individuals surnamed Gaupp who were associated with the Gaupp and Co. store in its early years, Charles, Louis Frederick and Heermann Frederick. In 1873 Carl Richard Heermann and Jules Kwiser were admitted partners in the firm, but Heermann left the firm by the end of the year (Daily Press 22 Mar. 1872, 19 Feb. 1873).

A relative Carl Otto George Heermann was an assistant from 1870 to 1883, and then a partner until the firm’s liquidation in 1914. Also associated with the firm about the turn of the century were Paul Emil Heermann and Huge [sic] Frederick Heermann. Oscar von der Heyde was admitted partner in 1892 (HK Government Gazette 5 Mar. 1892).

In 1883 Gaupp and Co. purchased the watch and jewellery business of the late John Noble (DP 21 Nov. 1883).

In 1913 a branch of Gaupp and Co. was opened in Singapore under the management of C. Bunje.” (1)

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  1. The German Speaking Community in HK 1846-1918  RASHKB Vol 34, 1994


  1. RASHKB says “Anyone with an interest in the history, art, literature and culture of China and Asia, with special reference to Hong Kong, will enjoy membership of the Hong Kong Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, which is generally regarded as the premier Society for the study of Hong Kong and South China. Dating back over 150 years, the Society is today a very active body, organizing varied visits, talks, seminars and more.”
    The Royal Asiatic Society Hong Kong Branch website

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