Levy Hermanos – Watch Emporium, Central – late 19th and early 20th centuries

Travis Ling: The Philippines watchmaker Levy Hermanos had a HK branch in Queen’s Road, Central at the end of the 19th and start of the 20th centuries.

Armand Levy was the manager of the Hong Kong branch, and E. Levy, J. Weill and Albert Weill were watchmakers.

Armand Levy resided at 61 Wyndham Street and Albert Weill at Stillingflete, 4 Peak Road.

Advert c1895 Courtesy: Watchwiki

The watch below was actually made by Maurice Ditisheim (1831-1899) a Swiss watchmaker but sold in Hong Kong apparently with a eye for the Chinese market.

Levy Hermanos, Hong Kong, 56 mm, 153 g, c1890, “for Chinese market” Courtesy: Watchwiki

Early 20th Century Estrella Del Norte watch, Courtesy: Philippine Watch Club


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  • Don pace

    Inheritance from Grandfather. Levy hermanos omega s/n 813086 . Any history would be appreciated. Thank you

    • Andrea Smith

      Andrea Levy Smith, born in the Philippines, is the great great, granddaughter of Francisco Levy – son of the eldest Hermanos, two of the founders of Levy Hermanos watch company.

      There was a case filed then for the inheritance back in the Philippines filed by Francisco Levy, Jr., Son of Francisco Levy.

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