Cosmopolitan Docks during the Japanese Occupation, 1942-1945

Elizabeth Ride: Extracts from reports in the BAAG Intelligence Summaries.

  1.  Layout [Map reference 192583:  GSGS 3868 1/20,000 HK&NT].

Sketch not found, but this Japanese map of the harbour and facilities may contain some information to  readers of Japanese.

Cosmopolitan Docks during Jap Occupation 1942-1945 2. During the Occupation.

“According to one source, many of the ships salvaged by the Japanese were taken to this dockyard for repair.”

1943 “ Dockyard is being extended North to Nam Cheong Street. The houses on the waterfront here have already been pulled down.”

“Electricity supply suspended in August 1944.”

“Work appears to have decreased since mid 1944”

 3. Workers and Conditions.

June 1944. Administrative personnel: (3)

Engine Construction Department: Engineers (4), Assembly Section (50), Fitters (34),

Lathe workers (24), Electrical workers (28), Pumping Station (4), Smithery Dept (23), Coppersmiths Shop (22), Iron Casting Dept (40)

Shipbuilding Dept:  Engineers (1), Boiler making and repairing (112)

Iron Works Dept: Welding Dept (17), Cylinder-making Dept (68), Painters´ Dept (69), Carpenters ´shop (148), Sawmill Dept (22), Model Dept (9), Engine room misc workers (111), Dock Basin misc workers (50)

Miscellaneous:  Teachers (?) (96), Nurses (2), General duties (20), Guards (11).

The number of workers was reported to have declined considerably in the latter part of 1944.

 4. Among ships seen in dock in 1942.

Sumatra, Nin Sang.

Among ships seen in dock in 1943.

One transport 8000 tons, 2 transports 6000 tons,

Among ships seen in dock in 1944.

Shirogane Maru  Cosmopolitan Docks - Ship Shirogane Maru- Jap script (moved to Kowloon Docks), Anri Maru,  Kainan Maru, Gyoun/Agekumo Maru, Hitsu Maru, Eishun/Nagahara Maru, Nanhatsu/Nanbatsu Maru, Kinsan Taishan Maru, Gyokaku Maru, Toko Maru, Hakko Maru, Haaruzu Kamikaze Maru, Koichi Maru, Hahashi Maru, Hosei/Toyoshige Maru, Mutsumaji/Mutsu Maru, Goro Maru, 2 gunboats.

[Names in Japanese or Chinese characters (see Shirogane Maru above) , or more details (see No 2 Anri  Maru below) , can be supplied for some of these ships.]

Cosmopolitan Docks during Jap Occupation 1942-1945 Cargo Ship Anri Maru

Craig Mitchell has provided this plan, dated 4.13.43. Craig says it is almost certainly USAAF, that the Americans updated the bombing maps as intelligence was gained, and that he suspects they got a lot of help from the British.

Cosmopolitan Dock USAAF plan Craig Mitchell

Stephen Davies: This aerial photograph shows the heavily damaged Docks in November 1945.Cosmopolitan Docks aerial photo Nov 1945Further information:

The Index contains many articles using BAAG reports from WW2. And about industry in HK during that time.

This article was first posted on 8th March 2015.

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