Century Centre industrial building, Ping Shan, Yuen Long – information needed

HF: The Century Centre industrial building is at 1 Ping Ha Road, Ping Shan in Yuen Long District. It’s a large building, despite being only two storeys, as can been seen by the size of the roof. So a rather unusual design.

It is still in use, access was welcomed by a worker having a cigarette outside one of the entrances, but I was unable to enter any factory unit, into which the building is divided, nor did I see any signs to indicate the names of the companies there or what business they were involved in.

Can anyone provide further information about the Century Centre?

I took these photos on 18th November 2016 forgetting to take a general exterior image.


The roof looking south


The roof looking north


Courtesy: centamap


1/F Notice


1/F Corridor


1/F Corridor


Top of north stairwell


Looking down from top of north stairwell

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