Asia International Electronics Ltd (亞洲無線電工廠)

Asia International Electronics Detail Image 6 York Lo

York Lo: Asia International Electronics Ltd (亞洲無線電工廠) Asia International Electronics booth at the 1971 HK Products Expo (HK Memory) In the 1970s, Asia International Electronics Ltd (hereafter refer to as “AIE”) was one of the leading Chinese owned electronics firms in HK, being one of two Chinese-owned firms (the other being Atlas) amongst the top 10 radio manufacturers in HK […]

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Fung Yuen-hon (馮元侃) and Wai Yuen Cheong (惠元昌)

Fung Yuen Hon And Wai Yuen Cheong Detail Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Fung Yuen-hon (馮元侃) and Wai Yuen Cheong (惠元昌) Left: Fung Yuen-hon in front of the Wai Yuen Cheong sign (HKET); Right: Shaolin Temple brand medicine label – address listed as 42A Bonham Strand West and stating that pregnant ladies should avoid consuming. In 2014, the 96 years old Fung Yuen-hon (馮元侃) decided to shut down Wai Yuen Cheong, the […]

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Moving Mountains: the Life and Mines of Ko Ming-fan (高銘勳,1906-2012), proprietor of Flat Hill Quarry (平山石礦) and HK Clays & Kaolin Co

Ko Ming Fan Detail Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Moving Mountains: the Life and Mines of Ko Ming-fan (高銘勳,1906-2012), proprietor of Flat Hill Quarry (平山石礦) and HK Clays & Kaolin Co Ko Ming-fan visiting mainland China in the 1980s (Courtesy: Bonnie Sellars) The post war construction boom created significant demand for construction materials and unprecedented opportunities for the HK mining industry. One of the handful of tenacious […]

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Can you lend a hand to help the Group…writing a short article, translating, retyping, improving an image…?

Silver Mine Bay Mine 6 HK Telegraph 23.9.1905

Our Group started in November 2012 with the website following in October 2013. We currently have over 1,400 articles posted all of which are shown in the Index. Contributions have come from an estimated 450 people ranging from a single line comment to a full length article. Plus those who help the group in other ways as shown in the […]

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L R Nielson (1902-?) – connection to Lin Ma Hang Mine – further information needed

York Lo is researching L. R. Nielson of HK Mines which ran the Lin Ma Hang mine before WWII. York noticed in the Indhhk article about the mine, see below,  that he re-visited the mines in the mid 1950s though there is conflicting information on the Web that he died or went missing during the War. York says he has found one […]

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Shum Choy-wah (岑載華) – HK Industrial Leader from the 1940s to the 1960s

Shum Choy Wah Detail Image 4 York Lo

York Lo: Shum Choy-wah (岑載華) – HK Industrial Leader from the 1940s to the 1960s Left: Portrait of Shum Choy-wah wearing his medal of honor (Kung Sheung Daily News, 1969-12-26); Right: Shum Choy-wah and fellow CMA leaders posing with the Governor at the Amoy Canning booth at the 7th Chinese Products Expo in 1949. From left to right: Wong Tok-sau, Governor […]

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The Bank Line and Bank Line (China) – Hong Kong connection

Tymon Mellor’s article, Andrew Weir Shipping and Trading Co.Ltd (Bank Line) – connection to Sha Lo Wan Mine, Lantau, led to, Andrew Weir & Company. It should be noted that the following article refers to The Bank Line and not The Bank Line (China) Ltd, about which some information ca be found in our article, Thomas Alexander Loughlin, manager of The […]

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The construction of the Tsing Ma Bridge, 1992-1997

Tsing Ma Bridge Image Wikipedia

The Tsing Ma bridge in Hong Kong is the world’s 11th-longest span suspension bridge, and was the second longest at time of completion.[3] The bridge was named after two of the islands at its ends, namely Tsing Yi and Ma Wan. It has two decks and carries both road and rail traffic, which also makes it the largest suspension bridge of this type. The bridge has a main […]

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Dent & Company’s early days in China and John Dent

Dent & Co Building Hankow Nick Kitto

The following article was written by Christopher Munn and published in the Dictionary of Hong Kong Biography. The publisher, HK University Press, and Christopher have both given permission for this to be posted here. Christopher co-authored the article with Sooni Shroff-Gander. Thanks to SCT for proofreading the retyped article. Dent, Lancelot b. 1799 Westmoreland, England d.1853 Cheltenham, England. Merchant Dent, […]

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