Rubber Footware – 1952, 60 factories, 8,000 workers

HF: The manufacturing of rubber products was one of Hong Kong’s six leading industries in the late 1950s. And part of that industry was the production of rubber footware. Even in the early 1950s there were over 60 factories producing such items employing over 8,000 people.

This initial article brings together a few items we have gathered about the industry in chronological order  where known.

Many thanks to IDJ for supplying a couple of the images.

1925 The Fung Keong Rubber Manufactory Co. was founded in 1925 by a Nanyang Chinese Mr. Fung Keong to manufacture and sell rubber shoes and rubber products. (1)

Undated publicity from I think Fung Keong Rubber which is written on the tyre.


1939 Here is a list of registered Rubber Shoes factories and workshops in Hong Kong.

Rubber Footware 1939 HK Government Report

Extracted from Report by the Labour Officer Mr HR Butters on Labour and Labour Conditions in Hong Kong 1939

This report from 1948-1949 about the Fung Keong Rubber Company says its location was at 407 Shau Ki Wan Road.

Rubber Fung Keong Rubber Mfy.Ltd footware shoes

Hong Kong Products Exhibition Courtesy: Public Records Office

1952 The industry had greatly expanded by the 1952 the date of this photograph as the caption states.

Rubber Footware IDJ Wellie-production-Hong Kong-1952

Date/Location unknown.Wellington boots being cured in an oven.

Rubber Hong Kong-Wellington boots being cured in an oven unknown

See: The historical development of [the] rubber footware industry in Hong Kong, Lai-ting Luc/Luke, pub?, 1957. Out of print. Can anyone provide further information about this publication?


  1.  The HK Memory Project

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