Lock Road 1952 – mystery portage

It’s 1952, summer presumably, two policemen are walking into Lock Road, TST. Mohan’s Tailors is on the left, well known at time and I believe continuing on to today.

Pretty obviously the subject of interest is the person in the centre. What is he or she carrying? What was it used for?  Why was it being moved around TST?

Lock Road


  • Lawrence Tsui

    Some of my aunties who lived at Lock Road when they were small said that there would not be any shops along the road in those days since it was a classy residential area with trees. The buildings were 4-storey high and spacious, with toilets. The residents were mostly Europeans & Japanese.

    There were shops in this 1952 photo; if so they must have been located there after the War. However, it does not seem that there was room for trees.

    I think those were rattan shreds the man was carrying. They could be used to fill mattresses I should think.

    • Hugh Farmer

      Interesting to hear about this area of TST after WW2.

      I have never heard of mattresses filled with shredded rattan. If these were made in Hong Kong in the 1950s perhaps it was done by, or in cooperation with, one or more of the many rattan product companies of the time.

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