World War Two – 1945 BAAG report – transport and fuel supplies in occupied HK

Hugh Farmer: Elizabeth Ride has sent another  part of  1945 BAAG report on a variety of subjects in Hong Kong during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong in WW2.

This time the report covers:
Motor Bus Services – the removal of most buses from HK, bus services post Sept 1942
Ferry Services – Harbour and Island/NT/Aberdeen, use of auxiliary junks, fuel shortages, ferries used as military transport
Railway Service – repairs to Beacon Hill tunnel, passenger restrictions, efforts to restore HK/Canton -NT tree felling/sleepers, fuel shortages,  removal of surplus rails from HK, locomotives in use
Coal Supply – shortages and  curtailment/closing of industrial plants, origin if coal imported, gas works – coal briquettes
Firewood Supply – insufficient supplies, transportation of firewood within HK, location of storage dumps, firewood prices

World War Two - manual labourers

BAAG – 1945 report – transport and fuel supplies

Further information:

  • For general information about the Elizabeth Ride collection, her father Sir Lindsay Ride, and the British Army Aid group during WW2 a very useful introduction is through
  • The BAAG papers are kept at the  Hong Kong Heritage Project: The Elisabeth Ride Collection

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