Vianini Lavori SpA – general contractor High Island Reservoir

Rico Lee + HF:

HK: (1) Vianini Lavori SpA is an Italian company with a history of involvement in large construction projects including several in Hong Kong. It is a subsidiary of Caltagirone and I think has operated since 1890, though I unsure which of these companies commenced operations in that year.

HF: (2)

Vianini Lavori Overseas Contractors Kenneth Hui Wing-Tak a)Vianini Lavori Overseas Contractors Kenneth Hui Wing-Tak b)

High Island Reservoir - concrete dolos memorial 2

High Island Reservoir  memorial

The above photo shows the dolo-shaped memorial erected by Vianini at the East main dam.

Rico Lee: The bronze plaque, shown below on the monument, has five names and date of death in English in memory of those who died in the course of the project.

High Island Reservoir memorial English photo Rico Lee

The photo below is a close-up of the bronze plate with Chinese translation of the full text on the monument proper. While their respective roles and the exact way to meet death of these five fallen souls can be a subject of further research it is worth mentioning hearsay that the actual death toll was higher and those names printed on the monument I speculate only represent those directly hired by the general contractor.

High Island Reservoir memorial Chinese photo Rico Lee


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This article was first posted on 1st April 2015.


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