Proposed Peak Tramway extension to Queen’s Road

Sketch Of Proposed Queen's Road Terminus, The China Mail 10th July 1934 From IDJ

IDJ has sent the following newspaper articles regarding the proposal to extend the Peak Tram down to Queen’s Road. If you are not familiar with the location of the Peak Tram you may not be aware that the bottom “station” of the line is situated a couple of hundred yards up a hill and is therefore somewhat inconvenient to reach. […]

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The Construction of the Bank Of China Tower – don’t look down!

IDJ:  The Bank of China Tower houses the headquarters of Bank of China Hong Kong. Designed by Ieoh Ming Pei, the 70-storey building’s height is 315 meters with two masts reaching 369 meters. Construction began in 1985 and was completed in 1989, with its official opening on 17 May 1990. It was the first building outside of North America to […]

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Lok On Pai “Desalting” Plant – further information

Lok On Pai

HF: A little more information about the Lok On Pai “Desalting” (as Desalination was called in the 1970s) Plant, Hong Kong. Thanks to SCT for proof reading the retyped version of the original book extract. Another important decision in the history of water supply in Hong Kong was the introduction of desalting plants. In 1971 an experimental desalting plant, which […]

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Japanese Extension of Kai Tak aerodrome, BAAG reports, 1942-1944

Elizabeth Ride has sent the following BAAG reports and sketches about Japanese plans to expand Kai Tak airport during their occupation of Hong Kong, World War Two. As you can see by the first report the Japanese were apparently ambitious. At one point around 10,000 workers were involved including POWs. Residential buildings were demolished, agricultural land cleared and a nearby […]

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Tai Koo Dockyard makes a ship on wheels

Now Taikoo Makes A Ship On Wheels China Mail 26th September 1958 From IDJ

IDJ has sent the following article. HF: I have retyped the original article to improve clarity and aid searches Thanks to SCT for proofreading the retyped script. This is the galleon which will be taking part in the Festival of the Arts Pageant at the Government Stadium on October 30. It was designed and built by Taikoo Docks from old […]

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Zonta White House, Tai Po – constructed 1906, quarters for managerial staff during KCR construction

HF/Tymon Mellor: “Zonta White House (崇德家福軒) is a western house standing on the summit of a hill overlooking Tai Po Road. It was constructed in 1906 for the accommodation of the managerial staff engaged on the construction of the Kowloon-Canton Railway (九廣鐵路). The house and the adjacent guest bungalow and servants’ quarters sit in six acres of grounds close to […]

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Pokfulam Development Co Ltd (博富臨置業)

Pokfulam Development Co Ltd Detail Image 4 York Lo

York Lo: Pokfulam Development Co Ltd (博富臨置業) Pictures and bios of three founders of Pokfulam Development as directors of Po Leung Kuk in 1963 – left to right: B.L. Wong, Chan Chiu-sheung, Wong Cheuk-man (華僑日報, 1963-04-03) Earlier on the website we covered several real estate developers founded by merchants who served together as directors of the Tung Wah Group of […]

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