Hong Kong companies named South China – Weaving & Dyeing, Dyeing & Weaving, Bleaching & Dyeing

James Chan: There seem to have been several Hong Kong companies with very similar names. More information needed on all three…

HF: Information needed indeed. If you can provide any information about or of images of these companies please send it in.

a) There was a South China Dyeing and Weaving Works Ltd which appears to have been incorporated on 15th June 1928 and Dissolved the following year on18th January 1929.

b) A South China Bleaching & Dyeing Factory. This appears to have been a subsidiary of Winsor Industrial Corporation Ltd.

c) And this undated, murky plan was made for the South China Weaving & Dyeing Company.

South China Weaving & Dyeing Ltd, design for rapid and filter, undated, Luke Him So Architectural Collection, HKU Library

Design for a Rapid Sand Filter Courtesy: Luke Him Sau Architectural Collection, HKU Library

This article was first posted on 18th December 2015

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