Sam Kwong Weaving (Cloth) Factory, Cheung Sha Wan

HF: Sam Kwong Weaving Factory was founded in 1928. The factory was located at 374 Castle Peak Road in Cheung Sha Wan, and was of a moderately large scale with a gross floor area of some 16,000 sq. ft. (1)

Elizabeth Ride has sent the following brief extract from BAAG report KWIZ#77 15.12.44.

Sam Kwong Cloth Factory KWIZ#77 15.12.44

Mak Ho Yin has kindly attempted to translate the Chinese characters shown on this 1947 image of the factory. He admits, as the photo is blurred he can only actually half-read, half guess what is written.

Sam Kwong Weaving Factory HK Memory snipped Mak Ho Yin translation

Sam Kwong Weaving Factory 1947 Courtesy: HK Memory Project


  1. The Hong Kong Memory Project  – Sam Kwong Weaving Factory – Hong Kong Memory (HKM) is a multi-media web site that gives free and open access to digitized materials on Hong Kong’s history, culture and heritage. The materials include text documents, photographs, posters, sound recordings, motion pictures and videos.

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