King’s Dyeing and Weaving Factory

HF: This company was incorporated on 12th January 1965 and was dissolved in 2001.

In 1972 [in Hong Kong the] dyeing industry was very prosperous. There were over ten large factories with each employing over a thousand workers. These factories included China Dyeing Works, Pacific Dyeing Works, King’s Dyeing Factory, Link Dyeing Works, Island Dyeing and Printing Company, Winnitex Limited, South China Bleaching and Dyeing Factory and Pollux Bleaching and Dyeing Works (located in Sai Kung), plus other dyeing factories of considerable scale. (1)

In the 1960s Registered Trade Marks of the company were Scarlet Lady, Sword Fish and Kangaroo.

Can you supply further information about this company?

King's Dyeing & Weaving Factory-1963 advert from IDJ

Advert Courtesy of IDJ


  1. The Hong Kong Memory Project – History of the China Dyeing Works

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  • John Huynh (Wong)

    Hugh, would you contact us for further discussion? I am the 3rd generation of King’s Dyeing and it’s good if we could exchange more info about my family, which I would like to know more from you too. Thanks!

    • John

      Very good to hear from you. If you don’t mind I’ll contact you directly about discussing King’s Dyeing. I’ll be in touch very soon.

      Best wishes
      Hugh Farmer

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