Sir Maurice Fitzmaurice – HK harbour works, 1920 visit

HF: Our article, 1924 Report on the Commerial Development of the Port of Hong Kong, begins by mentioning the visit of Sir Maurice Fitzmaurice to Hong Kong in 1920.

Fitzmaurice, as a partner in a firm of Consulting Engineers, had been invited to offer advice as follows:-

Maurice Fitzmaurice - snipped Report on Dev of HK Harbour 1924

Fitzmaurice’s  suggestions had not been taken up by the end of 1923.

Maurice Fitzmaurice snipped report from Singapore Free Press 4.12.23

Singapore Free Press 4th December 1923

The image shown on the Home Page is of the Central waterfront from HK harbour in the 1920s.

This article was first posted on 24th June 2015.

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