Sim Air Limited – helicopter company

Many thanks to IDJ for sending the brief magazine article below. He believes that the short lived, mid 1970’s, helicopter company may have been based on Lamma island. Can anyone verify this?

The image shown below accompanied the magazine article.

Sim Air Ltd Bell 206B Jet Ranger Helicopter IDJ

A Bell 206B Jet Ranger

The smart Bell 206B helicopter sometimes encountered in flights around the Colony is operated by Sim Air Ltd., and flown by Pilot/Manager, Mr Larry Griffiths. The aircraft is capable of carrying four passengers and one thousand pounds of cargo, and its operations include aerial photography, construction work and personal travel. If the venture proves successful, a second aircraft could be introduced in six to eight months. (1)

This article was first posted on 27th May 2017.


  1. The Flying Club Magazine winter 1976/77

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