Shipbuilding in Hong Kong, 1943

Elizabeth Ride has sent these BAAG reports about Shipbuilding in 1943 in Hong Kong during the Japanese occupation, World War Two.

She has only included information about actual shipbuilding not repairs carried out at the yards.

Waichow Intelligence Summary #16, 14.1.1943.

Kowloon Dock

Kowloon Dock WIS #16 14.1.1943

Akatsuki, Gyoten Maru

Kowloon Dock WIS #16 14.1.1943 bKowloon Dock WIS #16 14.1.1943 c

WIS #20, 23.2.43.

Taikoo Docks, Formosa Maru, Mitsui Co Ltd [?]

Taikoo Docks WIS #20 23.2.43

Wing On Shing Shipyard, Kwong  Tak Hing Shipyard, Omachi Butai, Motor Boats, Fishing Trawlers, Ferry Boats

Taikoo Docks WIS #20 23.2.43.b

WIS #22, 10.3.43.

Sham Shui Po  Boat Building Yards, junks, flat bottomed wooden boats

BAAG Report WIS #22 10.3.43

WIS #24, 23.3.43.

Kowloon Docks

Kowloon Docks WIS #24 23.3.43 Kowloon Docks WIS #24 23.3.43

WIS #26, 7.4.43.

Date Maru, Empire Ship, Nanshu

BAAG Report WIS #26 7.4.43BAAG Report WIS #26 7.4.43. bShamshuipo Dock, Sham Shui Po Dock, Cosmopolitan  Dock, Fungkung Maru, Aberdeen Dock, Motor launches, Power Junks

BAAG Report WIS #26 7.4.43. c

WIS #27,

Kowloon Dock, Nanshyu Maru, Yamada Maru, wooden junks

BAAG Report WIS #27 14.4.43 Nanshyu Maru

BAAG Report WIS #27, 14.4.43b

Bailey Shipyard, Bailey’s Shipyard, wooden ships

BAAG Report WIS #27 14.4.43 Taikoo + Bailey'sJapanese blue prints

BAAG Report WIS #27 14.4.43 Shipbuilding Data

Lumber consumption, Naval Dockyard, Taikoo Docks, Fir, Camphor, Rice Pine, Pine

BAAG Report WIS #27 14.4.43 Lumber Consumption Data

Steel Plates Consumption Data


Slipway Dimensions & Capacities, Naval Dockyard, Hongkong Shipbuilding Yard, Taikoo Docks,Kwong Hip Lung, Kwong Tak Hing, Kwong Cheung Hing, Ah King, A King, King Kee, Tung Tai, Kwong Man Hing, Tsan Lee

BAAG Report WIS #27 14.4.43 Slipways Dimensions + Capacities

Lin Kee, Kowloon Shipbuilding Yard

BAAG Report WIS #27 14.4.43 Slipways Dimensions + Capacities contd.




Royal Naval Dockyard


Consumption in the Taikoo, Tai Koo Docks, Taikoo Dockyard

Tai Koo Docks- Steel Plate Consumption

Actual Quantity of Work – Re-Investigation Data
Naval Dockyard, Hong Kong Shipbuilding Yard, Tai Koo Dockyard, Nam Ah Shipyard, Tai Kok Tsui Dock, Kwong Hip Lung, Kwong Tak Hing, Kwong Cheung Hing, Kowloon Ship Building Yard, King Kee, Ship Yard, Tung Tai Ship Yard

BAAG Report WIS #27 14.4.43 Actual quantity of work

Kweilin Intelligence Summary #2, 15.6.1943.

Source: Hongkong News
Hasekura [?] Maru, Sham Shui Po Government Shipyard

BAAG Report KIS #2 15.6.43

Kweilin Intelligence Summary #3, 20.6.1943.

Source: Hongkong News

Nanshu [?] Maru, Seaman’s Training Institute

BAAG Report KWIZ #3 20.6.43

The image on the Home Page of this article is of a damaged Kowloon Dock, immediately post WW2

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This article was first posted on 19th May 2015.

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