Shipbuilding in Hong Kong, 1942

Elizabeth Ride: I’m afraid this material is very raw, but I hope will be of interest and value to those researching ship building and shipyards during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong in World War Two.

I apologise for the the state of some of the documents, which were obviously attacked by white ants while they were stored in GHQ India.

I have only included information about shipbuilding in HK, not repairs carried out at the yards.

KIS #2, 13.7.42.

Taikoo Dock Plan Layout

Taikoo Dockyard KIS #2 13.7.42Taikoo Dockyard KIS #2 13.7.42 b

Taikoo Dockyard KIS #2 13.7.42 map

KIS #3, 24.6.42.

BAAG Report KIS #3 24.6.42.WIS #7, 27.9.42.

Kowloon Dock

BAAG Report WIS #7 27.9.42WIS #8, 9.10.42.

Kowloon DockKowloon Dock WIS #8 9.10.42WIS #11, 8.11.42.

Bailey’s Shipyard

Bailey's Shipyard WIS #11 8.11.42WIS #14, 18.12.42.

Kowloon DockKowloon Dock WIS #14 18.12.42WIS #15, 30.12.42.

Kowloon Dock, Osaka Iron Works

Kowloon Dock WIS #15 30.12.42

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This article was first posted on 14th May 2015.

The Index contains many articles using BAAG reports from WW2. And about shipyards and industry in HK during that time.

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