Pathé film – Kai Tak airport terminal building opening 1962

HF: This Pathé film shows the opening of the new one million pound Kai Tak terminal building on the 2nd November 1962.

The film includes an aerial view of the new runway extending out into Kowloon bay. A Comet Four aircraft coming in across the Bay to land on the runway. The plane as it is taxiing along the runway and coming to a halt.

Flags of the different airlines using the airport.

Guests on the roof of the main building for the opening of the terminal. Governor General Sir Robert Black unveiling a commemorative plaque.

The airport building and control tower. Passengers waiting to be called for their flight. A Flight being announced on CCTV.

A Comet Four on the tarmac waiting for passengers. A coach(mini-bus size) coming out towards the plane with passengers in a trailer coach attached. Passengers embarking. An airport official waving a Comet out onto the runway and it taxiing away.

The Comet taking off with an aerial view of Hong Kong from the plane.

Kai Tak Airport Pathe Film 1962 People on the roof at the building opening ceremony

Guests on the roof of the main building for the opening of the terminal

Kai Tak Airport Pathe Film 1962 Sir Robert Black opens new terminal building

Governor Sir Robert Black at the opening ceremony

Kai Tak Airport Pathe Film 1962 The new terminal building

The new terminal building

Click to see the full Pathe film:

This article was first posted on 28th December 2014.

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