Military aircraft in China 1930s – Arnhold & Company and the Blackburn Aircraft Company

IDJ has unearthed an article first posted in June 1931 in the Far Eastern Review titled Military Aircraft in China. The article mentions the Aviation Department of Arnhold & Co Ltd (“agents for the Blackburn Aircraft Company”). This supplements information we have posted in recent articles on both companies,  linked below.

The article begins:

Military Aircraft in China.

Of the many types of military aircraft in China one of the most interesting at the moment is the Blackburn “Lincock”. It was the first Single Seater Fighter aeroplane to be sold in China, the Nanking Aviation Authorities having recently purchased two….” (1)

The article continues by mentioning that the two planes were supplied by Messrs Arnhold & Co Ltd about which we have recently posted a couple of articles, linked below.

Incidentally I haven’t come across the Far Eastern Review before, was it an early form of the well-known Hong Kong publication the Far Eastern Eastern Economic Review?

Military Aircraft In China, The Far Eastern Review, June 1931 From IDJ


  1. The Far Eastern Review June 1931

This article was first posted on 10th July 2018.

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