Messrs Barretto & Co – managers of The Imperial Brewing Company 1907

Hugh Farmer:

“The boycott of American flour by the Chinese in 1905–6 gave a big fillip to the trade in Australian flour, and prominent amongst the firms to benefit by this were Messrs. Barretto & Co., whose business was established, in 1895, by Messrs. A. A. H. Botelho and F. D. Barretto. The headquarters are in Queen’s Buildings, and as merchants, commission and shipping agents, and wholesale importers and exporters their operations cover an extensive field and are increasing year by year. Probably more flour from the Australian Commonwealth has passed through their hands latterly than through those of any other firm in the Colony. They are well represented all over the world, and are the agents in South China and Hongkong for the Compagnie Française des Indes et de l’Extreme-Orient; Compañia Trasatlantica Royal Spanish Mail Line (passengers’ department); the Gresham Life Assurance Company; Lloyd Platino (Fire and Marine); Victoria General Insurance Company; La Nacional (Marine Insurance); and the Wine Growers’ Supply Company. They have recently started the Imperial Brewing Company, Ltd., in the Colony, and have succeeded in placing the French service of night steamers to Canton on a paying basis…

An industry only recently, started in Hongkong is that carried on — under the general management of Messrs. Barretto & Co. — by the Imperial Brewing Company, Ltd., which was formed in 1905, and commenced operations in December, 1907, as soon as the necessary plant had been erected.”(1)

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Barretto & Co 1905 IDJ 1


Barretto Bothelho & Barretto & Co-1905

Top: AAH Botelho


Bottom: FD Barretto






  1. Twentieth Century Impressions of Hongkong, Shanghai, and other Treaty Ports of China (1908)edited by  Arnold Wright. 

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