Lion Rock cable car proposed early 1970s

Tymon Mellor has sent the following article and image about a proposed cable car on that Hong Kong landmark Lion Rock. It never happened and it would be of interest to know why not.


LION ROCK – the way it could look in about three years time is shown in this picture,

It’s an artists impression of what changes will be made to the craggy escarpment when the proposed cable-car system is installed. It is understood that a large number of local and overseas firms are interested in handling the project and many tenders will be submitted by the closing date of August 31 this year.

The tender calls for plans of not only an aerial ropeway from the base to the top of Lion Rock but also sketches of the type of carriages and pylons to be used and plans for upper and lower stations. In this impression of installations the design is imaginary but the placement is accurate.

A Government spokesman has said that the aerial ropeway, the first of its kind in Hongkong, will have to be designed in such a way so as not to mar the beauty of the area. The whole idea of the project is to provide a worthwhile attraction for both tourists and residents and as much as possible will be made of the scenic beauty of the area, he said.

Lion Rock Cable Car Script SCMP 27th May 1973 From Tymon Mellor

A number of existing pathways in the area will be improved to the advantage of hikers and parking facilities in the area increased. The spokesman said the two stations will contain restaurants and shops for the benefit of visitors.

There is also a proposal under consideration to allow a certain amount of residential construction in the vicinity of the lower station at Shatin Pass Road. The successful tenderer for the aerial ropeway will have to complete construction within three years from the date of taking possession of the land, leased until 1998.

If a firm is chosen early in the New Year this will mean that the cable cars will be in operation no later than 1977.


Lion Rock Cable Car SCMP 27th May 1973 From Tymon Mellor

Lion Rock Proposed Cable Car System Courtesy Information Services Dept HK

Lion Rock proposed cable car system Courtesy: Information Services Dept HK, undated

Source: The Sunday Post – Herald 27th May 1973

This article was first posted on 19th September 2021.

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