Kau Wa Keng Old Village, 九華徑 – recent photographs

HF: I took these photos of Kau Wa Keng old village on the of 23rd February 2016. I had seen the village several times before, from a distance, while strolling along Castle Peak Road – Kwai Chung section. The road looks down through woodland at the village as seen in the first three shots on a murky Hong Kong day. This time I was more than intrigued and decided to have a closer look by dropping down Chung Shan Terrace Road which leads to one entrance to the village.

If as appears Kau Wa Keng Old Village has existed since before World War Two it must has seen some forms of industry, most especially during the 1950 to 1980 period. I didn’t see anything to suggest manufacturing currently takes place there but would be delighted to hear from anyone who can correct me. Or tells us more about the village’s history and any link it may have had to “industry” in any form.





Notice attached to the above building


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  • Angela Chan

    There were shoes factories and gloves factory in Kau Wa Keng old village during 60s & 70s

  • G. Bo Tsang

    Hi Angela,
    I am Gilbert Bo Kwai Tsang son of Bo Tsang. I have visited Kau Wa Keng many years ago. How are you and are you a relative? If there is anything I do or get for you do please ask.

    Bo Tsang

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