Wo Hop Shek Spur Line – film en route to the cemetery and crematorium

‘Maverick’ has kindly sent this film of the Wo Hop Shek Spur Line.

It has moments of great charm and nostalgia for those old enough to remember single line branches – children running at the station along side the train as it pulls in, the safety system of passing a token (what was the particular system with a large loop used here called?), quiet almost deserted stations when there wasn’t a train in or expected…

Tymon Mellor’s article of the same name says the line ran from October 1949 to April 1983. He explains why it was built. It’s linked below.

Film date: Unknown. Production: Unknown  Language: Cantonese – no subtitles

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  • Maverick

    It is my pleasure to share this video about this siding.
    The signal system used in the old days called “Absolute Block System” . Those apparatus can be found in the Hong Kong Railway Museum in Taipo.

    • Hello Maverick

      Many thanks for telling us about the Wo Hop Shek branch line.

      If you find anything else about it please let us know. Very few people in HK even know it existed.

      Best wishes

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