Hong Kong “Lorry” Buses – one sighted 1st April – no joke!

Malcolm Morris added this comment to Q+A 27 Village Vehicles: There was another type of Village Vehicle in use in the New Territories a few decades ago. Lorry buses. These were privately owned and provided transport for villages in areas not served by the major bus companies.

IDJ sent this image, in March 2022, of as he says “lorry bus boarding scramble,1960s”.

Lorry Bus Boarding Scramble, 1960s Source Unknown From IDJ

Source: Unknown

IDJ has sent this photo from the very early 1970s.

Lorry Bus-New Territories-Village bus-1970s, IDJ

Courtesy: IDJ

Malcolm attached a link to a blog “The Forgotten Transportation – dedicated to show the minority transportation of Hong Kong.”

Lorry Buses, called “Village vehicles” or “Street cars” by the locals, have a very rich history in Hong Kong. As its name, “village vehicles” shuttle between villages and town centers in New Territories.
As early as the fifties and sixties, there are records of “village vehicles” operating in the countryside of Hong Kong. Their existence is because at that time, transportation in some villages was poor. Buses and minibuses could not fulfill the needs of the villagers. Therefore, the villagers started operating their own “village vehicles”, carrying villagers to the nearest town centers. In addition, villagers used “village vehicles” to transport their farm products to market to sell and also transported daily utilities from markets back to their villages. Thus, the role of “village vehicles” is to transport both passengers and goods. Therefore, village vehicles were converted from medium sized lorries. The goods compartment was converted to a multi-purpose compartment, by fitting in new seats and windows, for carrying both passengers and goods. (1)

Lorry Bus - photo 7.10.2000 at Wu Kau Tang Forgetten Transport blog

Photo taken at Wu Kau Tang (to Tai Po Market route) 7th October 2000 Courtesy: forgotten-transport.blogspot.hk

HF: While walking along Shau Tau Kok Road on 1st April 2016 near the village of Muk Min Tau I came across a vehicle very much like the one shown above parked off road. It had two benches running length ways along the sides of the passenger compartment. The door as in the vehicle above appeared somewhat rusty but oddly the licence was current and due to expire in June 2016. A bit of a mystery then…

This article was first posted on 20th August 2015.


  1. Lorry Buses – The Forgotten Transportation


  1. The Forgotten Transportation Blogspot – “dedicated to show the minority transportation of Hong Kong”

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