Shek O Bus Terminus – cantilevered balcony, art deco lettering from 1955

HF: Malcolm Morris and I took the bus to Shek O for lunch yesterday. Malcolm hadn’t been for many years and as we set off from Shau Kei Wan I mentioned the extraordinary Shek O bus terminus which he didn’t know about and which has both delighted and puzzled me since I first saw it in 1989.

The former because it is such a charming anomaly when many bus stations here are now huge, cavernous bunkers. And a puzzle because I have never understood how it has survived since being built in 1955. Today’s buses cannot exit onto the main road without having to reverse back into the terminus at  least once.

The Antiquities Advisory Board Historic Building Appraisal, linked below, contains considerable information about the history of the bus terminus, its architecture and historical importance. And reveals how Shek O Bus Terminus was, is and hopefully will remain one of the Seven Wonders of Hong Kong.

Thanks to Malcolm for the photos and a link.

Shek O Bus Terminus 1

Shek O Bus Terminus 2

Shek O Bus Terminus 4Shek O Bus Terminus 5

Shek O Bus Terminus 6Shek O Bus Terminus 3

This article was first posted on 25th January 2014.



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