French maritime companies in Hong Kong 1918-1941

Dr. François Drémeaux, Honorary Professor, Department of History, The University of Hong Kong, is currently working on the presence of French companies in Hong Kong during the interwar period. He has kindly sent three charts showing a selection of these companies.

The first one shows: Les principales compagnies maritimes françaises à Hong Kong (1918-1941)

I have copied the company names below the chart so that we can add information if and when it comes in, or links to Indhhk articles when they are posted.

Click the chart to enlarge.

French Maritime Companies 1

Messageries Maritimes

Messageries Maritimes Shipping Line, Advert HK Telegraph 23.9.1905

HK Telegraph 23.9.1905

Cie Des Messageries Maritimes Advert HK Sunday Herald 29.10.1950

HK Sunday Herald 29.10.1950


Lapicque & C°

PA Lapiicque Shipping Line Company Flag

Les Affréteurs Indochinois

Société des affréteurs maritimes indochinois

Compagnie maritime indochinoise

Compagnie indochinoise de navigation

Compagnie asiatique de navigation

Compagnie côtière de l’Annam

J. Pannier & C°

Source: DREMEAUX François, Présence françaises à Hong Kong dans l’entre-deux-guerres. Rôles interactions et représentations, PhD Thesis, 2 volumes, Angers, 2016, 716p.

This article was first posted on 10th February 2018.

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