‘Chic Eather’s’ website – Early balloon/plane flights in HK, Kai Tak and much more!

HF: Charles ‘Chic’  Eather was born on 2nd August 1920 in Sydney Australia. He has had a full life and was an airline pilot for Ansett Airways and Cathay Pacific retiring from the latter in 1975.

Chic Eather photo HK Magazine

‘Chic’ Eather Courtesy HK Magazine

Chic has a large website, packed with mostly aviation related information and images.

Of great interest to to us are the following: –

On his website go to People, Places and Events where you will find:

HAECO (The Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company), images at Kai Tak airport

HAECO image from Chic Eather's website

Kai Tak airport, images from 1948

Kai Tak – The Prior Years – aviation in HK before Kai Tak, balloons, early plane flights and more

Balloon flight, early HK

Kai Tak – Drafts – Kowloon Aviation field, The Harry Abbott story

Kai Tak – Layout, the development of the airport over the years

History of RAF Kai Tak

Kai Tak fire from Chic Eather's website

Hong Kong Airport – lots more about Kai Tak

…and probably other sections that I have missed


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