Bailey’s Shipyard – adverts

“This well-known firm of engineers and shipbuilders was founded in 1897 by Mr. W.S. Bailey, who began business as a consulting engineer and importer of steam pumps and engineers’ requisites. In 1900 Mr. Bailey was joined in partnership by Mr. E. O. Murphy, and the present works [1905] at Kowloon Bay were established…”(1)

Bailey's Shipyard Advert China Mail 14.4.1908

China Mail Advert 14th April 1908


Chinese Navy Gunboat Kien Yu

SCMP advert 11th Feb 1932

Forced Draft Oil Fired Ferry Boat Bataan

SCMP Advert 8th Dec 1932

Oil Fired Cargo Vessel Lutong

SCMP advert 5th Jan 1933

Revenue Launch Kwong Lee

SCMP advert 29th June 1933

SS Hai Ning

SCMP Advert 20th July 1933

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  1. Twentieth Century Impressions of Hongkong, Shanghai and other Treaty Ports of China, ed A Wright, 1908.

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