Lloyd International Airways Ltd – link to Hong Kong

Lloyd International Douglas C54 Skymaster At Kai Tak October 1961 IDJ Image 3

“Lloyd International Airways Ltd was a private, British independent airline formed in 1961 to operate worldwide charter flights  It commenced operations with a single Douglas DC-4 piston airliner from Cambridge Marshall Airport.  Lloyd International concentrated on passenger and cargo charters with four-engined, long-range aircraft. It also had links in Hong Kong since its inception and flew to the Far East regularly. During the mid-1960s, the airline began re-equipping its […]

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A Study of the Hongkong Printing Press, Part 2

The Hongkong Printing Press Part 2 Image 1

Roy Eric Xavier, Director, Portuguese and Macanese Studies Project at the University of California, Berkeley, USA has kindly granted permission to reproduce the second part of the following article. He stresses that this is still a draft and subject to revision. Roy runs the absorbing website Far Eastern Currents which covers a wide range of research into the Macanese Diaspora especially in Macau and Hong […]

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Ronghua – the ancient, dying craft of making velvet flowers, dating back to the Tang dynasty

Velvet Flowers Ronghua Detail SCMP 23.12.17 Courtesy Handout

“Born and raised in Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu province, at the heart of eastern China’s silk-producing Yangtze River Delta region, Zhao began his more than 40-year career as a ronghua creator as a 19 year old at a state-owned factory. The art of making ronghua – literally “velvet flower” – dates back to the Tang dynasty (618-907) and refers to the creation of not […]

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Blood Protection Co (保血有限公司) and Fish brand mosquito incense

Blood Protection + Fish Brand Mosquito Incense Detail Image 2 York Lo

York LO: Blood Protection Co (保血有限公司) and Fish brand mosquito incense Left: old package of Blood Protection Co’s Fish mosquito destroyer featuring the portrait of its founder H.L. Sum (right) and his brother/son. Right: Blood Protection Co’s ad from the early 1960s – the tagline reads what’s the point of having money when you cannot protect your blood. The warm […]

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The Forgotten Jewish American Tycoons behind the HK Plastic Flowers Industry

Plastic Flowers Forgotten Jewush Americans Detail Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: The Forgotten Jewish American Tycoons behind the HK Plastic Flowers Industry Plastic flowers production in HK in the 1960s In the late 1950s, artificial flowers made out of plastic were in high demand in the West and Hong Kong emerged as the world’s leading producer of plastic flowers thanks to its significant cost and labor advantage. Starting with […]

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The Kings of Industrial Buildings – the Chung brothers of E.Wah Aik San

Kings Of Industrial Buildings Image 1A Chung Brothers York Lo

York Lo: The Kings of Industrial Buildings – the Chung brothers of E.Wah Aik San Left: Cheung Kung-hai and his younger brother Chung Ming-fai (left) at a government land auction in the 1970s during their heydays. Right: Property tycoons at the 1979 government auction. Second row left to right: Li Ka-shing (hand raised), Teddy Wang of Chinachem, Cecil Chao and […]

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Hunting-Clan Air Transport – 1950s military personnel contracts between HK and the UK

Hunting Clan Plane At Heathrow IDJ Detail Image 1

Our recently posted articles about the Far Eastern Aviation Company appear to have reminded IDJ about a couple of smaller British airlines both with a slight Hong Kong connection. First up the rather posh sounding Hunting-Clan Air Transport to be followed shortly by Lloyd International Airways Ltd. “Hunting-Clan Air Transport was a wholly private, British  independent airline that was founded in the […]

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Clipper Cargo in Hong Kong- Pan American freight

Pan Am Clipper Cargo DOUGLAS Dc 4 Loading Bananas Courtesy Pan Am Historical Foundation

Pan Am Cargo or Clipper Cargo was a subsidiary  cargo airline of Pan American World Airways. Initially Pan Am Cargo used propeller aircraft such as the Douglas DC-4. In 1963, Pan Am’s all cargo jet service began with Boeing’s 707-321C. Pan Am stopped Pan Am Cargo operations in 1983.(1) I wonder when Clipper Cargo stopped using Hong Kong as a base and if […]

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Far East Aviation Company – Part Two

Far East Aviation Flightglobal 1934 Article Snipped Detail Image 1

This article about an almost forgotten company comes courtesy of IDJ’s extensive archives about Hong Kong’s aviation history. If the reader is sufficiently interested in the subject it might be read in conjunction with our earlier article, Far East Aviation Company Ltd. – “British Enterprise in China”, 1934 article, linked below. The first image below has been extracted from the latter article. […]

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George M. Lau – Father of the Hong Kong wig Industry

George M Lau Father Of The HK Wig Industry Image A Detail York Lo

York Lo: George M. Lau – Father of the Hong Kong wig Industry Left: Advertisement of Regina Hair Products from the early 1970s; Right:  1953 ad of George M. Lau & Bros. (Source: IDJ) In 1970, the Hong Kong wig industry included 478 factories which employed 5 percent of the city’s total workforce (39000 workers) and its export value of […]

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