Faithful Trading and Polytek Engineering

Faithful Trading And Polytek Engineering Detail Image 4 York Lo

York Lo: Faithful Trading and Polytek Engineering Industrial trading and engineering firms such as China Engineers, Reiss Bradley and Andersen Meyer covered earlier in other articles played an important role in the industrial development of Hong Kong and the broader region as they facilitated the necessary technology transfer from the West by acting as importers and installers of state of the […]

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The three Forbes brothers: opium traders, Russell & Company in China and HK, USA railway financiers…

Lintin Island Small Version Opium Ships Edward Duncan After William John Higgins Courtesy Google Arts & Culture

The following article was written by Peter E. Hamilton, and first  published in the Dictionary of Hong Kong Biography, edited by May Holdsworth and Christopher Munn. The publisher, HK University Press, has kindly granted permission for it to be posted here, but retains copyright over this material from 2012. Forbes, Robert Bennet b. 18 September 1804, Jamaica Plain, Boston, USA; d. […]

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Frank Bowden – Raleigh Cycles – early fortune made in Hong Kong

James Chan: Frank Bowden was born in Exeter, England on 30th January 1848. In the early 1870s he came to Hong Kong. By 1872, when only 24, he had made a fortune in the local stock market. It would be of interest to have further details about Bowden’s time here. In particular how he made his fortune at that time […]

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Alexander Kwang (鄭光) and Chu Shek-lun(朱石麟)

Alexander Kwang And Chu Shek Lun Detail Image 1 Yotk Lo

York Lo: Alexander Kwang (鄭光) and Chu Shek-lun(朱石麟) Left: Chu Shek-lun as CMA chairman casting his ballot for Miss HK Products Expo in December 1960 (TKP, 1960-12-27); Right: Alexander Kwang (right) presenting the silver trophy to the winner of the portrait competition at the CMA HK Products Expo in January 1961 (Kung Sheung Evening News, 1961-1-8) Alexander Kwang (1908-1964), and Chu […]

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R.P. de La Sala – the Global Shipping and Industrial Magnate from HK 

R.P. De La Sala The Global Shipping Magnate Detail Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: R.P. de La Sala – the Global Shipping and Industrial Magnate from HK   Left: R.P. de La Sala (Brazilian immigration record, 1958); Right: Manners’ “West Breeze” as the first British vessel passing through the Suez in 1957 (British Pathe) Robert Perez de La Sala (1908-1967, hereafter referred to as R.P.), the employee turned owner of Hong Kong-based Manners built […]

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“The Poetic Industrialist”: Yan Man-leung (甄文亮1898-1983) of Camelpaint and United Weaving Factory (民衆布廠)

Yan Man Leung Camelpaint And United Weaving Factory Detail Image 6 York Lo

York Lo: “The Poetic Industrialist”: Yan Man-leung (甄文亮1898-1983) of Camelpaint and United Weaving Factory (民衆布廠) Article about Yan Man-leung the “Poetic Industrialist” in 1955 (Ta Kung Pao, 1955-12-11) In the 1950s and 1960s, Yan Man-leung was a prominent industrialist in HK who earned the nickname of “Poetic Industrialist” for his love of composing Chinese poetry and his role as the founder […]

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Dick, Kerr and Company, Preston UK, makers of first HK Tramways cars 1904-1905

HF: In February 1902 The Hongkong Tramway Electric Company Ltd was formed in England. Contracts were signed. Alfred Dickenson & Co were appointed consulting engineers and Dick, Kerr & Co Ltd were contracted to provide the tram equipment and track. The latter supplied the first tram cars between 1904 and 1905 as below: Make/Model Description Fleet size Year acquired Year retired […]

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Red Capitalist: the life and ventures of K.C. Wong (王寬誠,1907-1986)

Red Capitalist K.C.Wong Detail Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Red Capitalist: the life and ventures of K.C. Wong (王寬誠,1907-1986) Left: Portrait of K.C. Wong from the 1950s; Right: K.C. Wong meeting with Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping in the early 1980s When it comes to Hongkong’s “Red Capitalists”, Henry Fok (whose biographical entry I wrote for the Dictionary of HK Biography) is probably the first name that came […]

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Wan Tat-ming (溫達明) and Ling Nam Weaving (嶺南布廠)

Wan Tat Ming And Ling Nam Weaving Detail B Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: Wan Tat-ming (溫達明) and Ling Nam Weaving (嶺南布廠) Left: Wan Tat-ming(Kung Sheung Evening News 1956-12-24); Right: Ad for Ling Nam Weaving in 1948 (Tung Wah Monthly, 1948) Like Shum Choy-wah who was covered earlier in another article, Wan Tat-ming (1906-1988) was a major figure in the weaving mill business and community leader in the 1940s through 1960s who […]

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Lea Hin Co (立興公司) and “Butterfly” and “Tingkwon” Kerosene Lanterns

Lea Hin Company Detail C Image 1 York Lo

York LO: Lea Hin Co (立興公司) and “Butterfly” and “Tingkwon” Kerosene Lanterns Left: Lea Hin founder Woo Kai Lea (Nanyang Siang Po, 1977); Center: Butterfly kerosene lantern trademark; Right: early Chinesead of Lea Hin in Singapore promoting its Tingkwon Star brand lanterns in 1936 (南洋商报, 2 May 1936, Page 8) While the kerosene lanterns manufacturers covered earlier on the website […]

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