Augustine Heard & Company, major American 19th century China trading house with its headquarters in Hong Kong from 1856

Heard & Company's Headquarters Om Hong Kong

The following article about Augustine Heard and Company was written by Gillian Bickley, Peter E Hamilton and George Cautherley and first  published in the Dictionary of Hong Kong Biography, edited by May Holdsworth and Christopher Munn. The publisher, HK University Press, has kindly granted permission for it to be posted here, but retains copyright over this material from 2012. This article incorporates one […]

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John Laird Wright – MacDonald & Co Shipyard, HK and Green Island Cement, Macau

HF: John Laird Wright worked for MacDonald and Company’s shipyard in Hong Kong from 1907 to 1908. He then worked for Green Island Cement Company in Macau which he left in 1910. This obituary comes from an Institution of Mechanical Engineers: Obituary in 1934: John Laird Wright was for seventeen years a member of the Anglo- Persian Oil Company’s staff in various […]

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A R Marty et Cie, Hong Kong trading house, established 1874 and Marty et d’Abbadie, Haiphong, Indochina

Marty & D'Abbadie, Haiphong E Hatingx M&D'A Haiphong

“The French merchant Auguste Raphael Marty (1841–1914) established his own trading house, A. R. Marty et Cie, in Hong Kong in 1874. Information about this Hong Kong company appears thin on the ground – further details would be gratefully received. Stephen Davies suggests that Marty in HK was only ever a shipping company office.  Following the acquisition of northern Indochina […]

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A Century of Riding the Waves: the Hsu Family of Eddie Steamship

Eddie Steamship Detail Image 3 York Lo

On the 25th October 2023 Jim Ting left the following comment – ”My mother was the personal assistant of W.H. Eddie Hsu in the late 1970s until 1982 when we decided to emigrate to the U.S. She had fond memories of her time working there and every so often I still hear her telling these stories.” York Lo: A Century […]

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The Norman Electric Light Company – 1886 Hong Kong swindle?

James Chan: This advert from the Hongkong Government Gazette of 9th January 1886 caught my eye. Further investigation brought up the announcement shown below the advert, published in Australia and New Zealand, warning readers that Norman Electric was an “unmitigated fraud and swindle” and exposing one Emil Bassett of New York who was operating under the alias Marsh Bassett. I […]

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Cookson & Company Ltd, paint manufacturer, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, HK advert 1924

Cookson & Company Ltd, Paint, Detail Advert, HK Telegraph 31.5.1924

“Cookson and Co of Milburn House, Newcastle-on-Tyne 1827 Cookson and Co established soda works at South Shields; Thomas Doubleday gave them the plans of his chamber, furnaces, etc, when they established the works[1] 1852 Messrs J Cookson were lead merchants at Upper Thames Street, London, with manufacturing works at Newcastle[2]. 1855 William Isaac Cookson and Co, were paint and colour […]

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J. Ullmann (烏利文) – Swiss Watchmaker and Jeweler in HK and China

J Ullman Watchmaker Image 1 York Lo

York Lo: J. Ullmann (烏利文) – Swiss Watchmaker and Jeweler in HK and China Pictures of the interior and exterior of J. Ullmann’sTientsin store in the 1900s. (Directory and Chronicle of China, 1905) Founded in HK in the 19th century by a Swiss native of the same name, J. Ullmann & Co was a leading watchmaker not just in Hong […]

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Kin Sun Manufactory (建新織造廠) and Longfellow shirts

Kin Sun Manufactory And Longfellow Shirts Detail Image 2 York Lo

York LO: Kin Sun Manufactory (建新織造廠) and Longfellow shirts Left: Kin Sun’s ad in Singapore in 1953 warning customers about counterfeited Longfellow shirts (南洋商报, 10 April 1953, Page 7); Right: Kin Sun Manufactory in Sham Shui Po on the right. The bamboo structure was for lowering a coffin from the second floor which was common practice before the 1960s (Uwants)  […]

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Gande, Price & Company Ltd – Hong Kong agents and wine and spirits merchants

Gande, Price & Co Ltd, Premises In Shanghai 1917 Virtual Shanghai

The firm was established in 1892. It had branches in Hong Kong, Kobe and Taipei.(1) And Shanghai. This calendar poster of Gande, Price & Co., Ltd. was designed by Kwan Wai-nung and printed by Asiatic Lithographic Printing Press. The lady in cheongsam leaned against the Western-styled sofa. The English name of the Company was printed on the top of the […]

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