The British Hong-Kong Tea Company, London

Hugh Farmer: Does anyone know if this London company had any connection to Hong Kong apart from in its name? This advert is from 1847 courtesy of the superb British website I don’t know where it was originally published. Note that “Nobility, Gentry, Clergy, Hotel & Boarding House Keepers …may be supplied with packages”. That leaves most of us out […]

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Chinese Preserved Ginger shipped through HK 1913

This report is from The Sydney Morning Herald, Australia 7th April 1913. It adds information to the other articles about ginger in HK. “There has been a general increase in the export of preserved and candied ginger from China during the past few years, the United States particularly showing a growing demand for this sweetmeat. Exports during the past three […]

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Ching Yuen Bean Curd Factory explosion

On Monday October 21st 2013 an explosion destroyed the Ching Yuen Bean Curd factory in Sheung Tsuen village (near Shek Kong, NT). One worker was killed and four others injured when a cauldron blew up in the 80-square metre cubicle that housed the furnaces. The factory contained two stoves, one using diesel, the other burning wood, and it was the […]

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