Yung Tack Cheong Hardware Manufactory (翁德祥金屬製品廠)

York Lo: Yung Tack Cheong Hardware Manufactory (翁德祥金屬製品廠)

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Ad for Yung Tack Cheong Hardware Manufactory in 1941 (A Century of Commerce) 

Kerosene lamps was a major industrial sector in Hong Kong and earlier in the group we have profiled some of its key players such as Union Metal Works, World-Light Manufactory, Lea Hin and Glory Metal Works. Yung Tack Cheong Hardware Manufactory, which manufactured the Sailboat brand of kerosene lamps, cycle lamps and lanterns, is another player in the industry which traced its history to before World War II. 

According to its profile in Tradeasy, Yung Tack Cheong was founded in 1935 and based on above ad from 1941 had its office at 3 Ewo Hill Street and factory in 4 Tang Lung Street and 56 Russell Street in Causeway Bay. 

In 1954, its address was listed as 171 Wongneichong Road (Hong Kong Annual Report) and in 1958, its address was listed as 6 Chi Shin Lane and Yung Tack-on was listed as its manager (Handbook of HK Industries)  

In 1969, Yung Tack Cheong’s address was listed as 161 Wongneichong Road in Happy Valley. (Redbook)

As a firm, Yung Tack Cheong Hardware Manufactory Ltd was incorporated in 1969 and remains active today. Its current address is listed as G/F to 1/F of the Yee On Building at 14 Wong Chuk Hang Road in Wong Chuk Hang. 

Any additional information about Yung Tack Cheong would be much appreciated. 

This article was first posted on 24th January 2020.

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