Yan O Wan “Log Pond”, Lantau – 1983 Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung film location

LantaU Log ponds Project A Film Poster 1983

Philip Edward Kenny: These days it’s the location of an MTR station which gets tourists to nearby Disneyland on Lantau Island, but in 1983 it was the location used for a scene in the film Project A, when Sammo Hung leads the gangsters to his cache of hidden guns only to find that Jackie Chan has beaten him to it – leading to a bit of a set to with the odd evil henchman.

The landscape has changed significantly thanks to the MTR station and Lantau Link road which takes drivers to the airport (oh yes and the Airport express train that also thunders by) but the background ridgelines remain, as do the odd wooden poles sticking up out of the water. (1)

HF: Thanks to Phil for sending this link in. For more information and photos about the location please refer to our article on Yan O Wan. If you have find any information about the associated Luk Keng Tsuen Lumber Works please send it in.

Here are a couple of Phil’s film grabs:

LantaU Log ponds Project A Film Poster 1983 Phil Kenny snipped a

LantaU Log ponds Project A Film Poster 1983 Phil Kenny snipped b

And the log pond fairly recently…

Yan O Wan lantautraveller blogspot log photo b Aug 2010

Courtesy: lantautravellerblogspot – Aug 2010


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  1. Phil’s excellent blog about Hong Kong and Macau film locations 
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This article was first posted on 31st May 2016.

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