World War Two – BAAG reports – Taikoo Dockyard -1942-1944

HF: Elizabeth Ride has sent a number of BAAG reports about Taikoo Dockyard during 1943-1944. As she says this material is very raw but I think will be of great use to anyone interested in knowing what was going on there during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong.

Elizabeth apologises for the the state of some of the documents, which as she explains were attacked by white ants while stored in GHQ India.

KIS #2, 13.7.42.

BAAG Taikoo Dockyard #2 13.7.42

BAAG Taikoo Dockyard #2 13.7.42 b

General Arrangement of Taikoo Dockyard

BAAG Taikoo Dockyard general arrangement of Dock yard

WIS #20, 23.2.43.

Tai Koo Docks WIS #20 23.2.43

WIS #27, 14.4.43.

Tai Koo Docks WIS #27 14.4.43

 Slipway Dimensions and Capacities

Tai Koo Docks- Slipway Dimensions and Capacities

Steel Plate Consumption – Taikoo Docks

Tai Koo Docks- Steel Plate Consumption

Actual Quantity of Work

Tai Koo Docks- Actual Quantity of Works

KWIZ #72, 27.10.44

Tai Koo Docks BAAG KWIZ #72 27.10.44

KWIZ #78, 22.12.44

Tai Koo Docks BAAG KWIZ #78 22.12.44 a

 Tai Koo Docks BAAG KWIZ #78 22.12.44 b

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he website has many articles about British Army Aid Group (BAAG) reports from HK during WW2 and about various aspects of life in HK during the Japanese occupation. The index shows all of these.






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