World War Two – 1944 BAAG reports – Four HK Shipyards

HF: Elizabeth Ride has sent information about four Shipyards from BAAG reports made during the Japanese occupation. This information is of interest with regard to what was (or wasn’t ) happening in them in 1944.

The first Taikoo Docks is well known. The other three much less so. Kwong Hip Lung Shipyard, Wing On Shing Shipyard and Tai Kok Tsui Shipyard which I believe was connected to Cosmopolitan Dock.

I will open a separate post for each of these to which we can add information as it comes in about their general history.

Taikoo Docks BAAG report 0ct 1944

Kwong Hip Lung Shipyard BAAG Aug 1944


Wing On Shing Shipyard BAAG Aug 1944

Taikoktsui Shipyard BAAG Sept 1944


The image accompanying this article show Taikoo Docks during a US bombing raid WW2.

Further information:

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