Ting Fung Iron Works (鼎豐鐵工廠)

York Lo: Ting Fung Iron Works (鼎豐鐵工廠)

Ting Fung Iron Works Image 1

Ting Fung owner Fu Chuen-sang (centre) with his assistant Fung Man-biu (left) and head of sales Shen Sin-lai (right) heading over to West Africa. Shen Source: Wah Kiu Yat Po 1965-8-9

Founded in 1948, Ting Fung Iron Works was one of the leading enamelware manufacturers in Hong Kong. Like most of his peers, the firm’s founder Fu Chuen-sang (傅泉生, who served as vice chairman of the HK Enamelware Manufacturers Association), came to HK from Shanghai and brought with him technical expertise in enamelware. Business was tough in the first couple of years but by 1958, the factory in Tsuen Wan had 9 kilns employing over 800 workers and monthly shipments to Africa and South America exceeded 6000 boxes. The factory was allegedly the largest factory in Muk Min Ha Tsuen (木棉下村) in Tsuen Wan.

Ting Fung (2)

Ting Fung Iron Works factory in Tsuen Wan in 1961 (Land Use Survey, HKU Libraries) 

Outside of work, Fu was active in the local soccer circle and served as vice chairman of Kitchee Sports Club in 1960 alongside Tung Chun-ying from I-Feng Enameling and CC Yeh of HK Enamelware. The export manager of the firm was Benjamin Wen To-chuen, a native of Shanghai and a commerce graduate of the University of Shanghai.

Ting Fung Iron Works Image 2

Mr & Mrs Fu Chuen-sang at the 10th anniversary of Ting Fung Iron Works (WKYP, 1958-11-26)

The 1960s was a period of expansion. A new plant in HK was completed in 1962 and in the mid-1960s, the firm established two plants in West Africa. In 1970, Fu entered the wig business at the peak of the market cycle by establishing Wiggie Wigs and as a result the business was dissolved within 2 years. It was reported in 1971 that approval was given for Ting Fung to build an enamel plant in Kinshasa. In 1973, Ting Fung decided to shut down its factory in Tsuen Wan and the remaining 300 workers were laid off.

Ting Fung as a firm was incorporated in 1956 and is still a live company today.

Additional Sources:

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This article was first posted on 12th February 2018.

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