The Mariners’ Club – constructed 1967 – about to undergo major renovations

Mariners' Club Image MC Website

1967 Photo: R Park Courtesy: Mariners’ Club website

“The Mariners’ Club has reinstated plans to renovate its near half-century-old building which have been put on and off the table for nearly 30 years, as declining revenue and a low number of seafarers using the club put pressure on its financial sustainability…

… The number of Hong Kong sailors working on long-haul vessels has dropped from a peak of more than 60,000 to fewer than 400, making the need for such a large facility unnecessary, according to the mission. It said having a commercial hotel and shrinking the size of the club was to “ensure the long-term financial sustainability of the club…

…The building was constructed in May 30, 1967, and officially opened by colonial governor Sir David Trench…

…’It was determined in the late 1980s, early 1990s that the model of the maritime industry on which the Mariners’ Club had been built on in 1967 was no longer relevant,” maritime historian and honorary University of Hong Kong professor Stephen Davies said.

Accommodation needs for ship crews changed in that time period from long term and unscheduled stays in old-style tramp trade shipping to replacement crews on standby with fixed schedules and the ability to fly home instead of waiting for a ship to take them home.’ “(1)

Mariners' Club Image Wikimedia

The 12-storey Mariners’ Club in Tsim Sha Tsui Courtesy: wikimedia

This article was first posted on 9th March 2017.


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