Ma On Shan Iron Mine – a timeline

The following timeline adds to the several articles on our website about the largest mine in Hong Kong’s history.

Thanks to SCT for proofreading the retyped version.

1906 Hong Kong Iron Mining Company obtained the exploration license and mining license in Ma On Shan and started small-scale open pit mining.

1931 The New Territories Iron Mining Co. Ltd. received an exploration and mining lease lasting for 50 years. They were later transferred to Mutual Mining and Trade Co.

1953 The iron in the middle and upper levels was starting to deplete. Mutual Mining and Trade Co. co-operated with Nittetsu Mining Co. Ltd. from Japan to start underground excavation.

Ma On Shan Mine Foundry 1954 Gwulo

1954 Foundry. Ma On Shan Source:

1959 Iron mining work had completely moved underground.

1960 Peak mining period – average annual production reached 200,000 tins and sometimes reached 400,000 tons. The ore was exported to Japan to refine.

1976 Operation ceased in March, 1976 due to the increase in cost, decrease in demand and competition from iron mines in Australia. 400 workers were unemployed.

1981 Mining license expired.

1954 Iron Mines Ma On Shan Gwulo

1954 Iron Mines Ma On Shan Source:

Hong Kong Mining History, Jackie C.T.  Chan Chu and Jacky S.L. Chan, Chu Chun Tak & Chan Sik Lap, 2015

This article was first posted on 12th March 2022.

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