The Commercial Press (HK) Ltd

The Commercial Press is the longest standing modern publishing house in China. Guided consistently by the principle of fostering cultural enhancement and intellectual enlightenment, its impact on the history of cultural and educational publishing in modern China has been profound and far reaching.

The Commercial Press (HK) Ltd is devoted to promoting cultural and educational enterprises in this new age of information.

1897 The Commercial Press was founded in Shanghai as a print shop.

The Commercial Press Company, Shanghai, 1920 1939 Pinterest

The Commercial Press Company, Shanghai, 1920-1939 Source: Pinterest

1902 Zhang Yuanji, an outstanding Chinese scholar at that time, joined the other founders of the printing press and set up an editorial and translation department, thus launched The Commercial Press publishing business.

1914 The Hong Kong branch of The Commercial Press was established initially as a retail business, and then gradually expanded band by setting up a print shop as well as editorial and distribution departments. It has become a renowned publisher for languages, dictionaries/reference publications, pictorial art books and Chinese history/culture and other subjects in their own right.

1917 Aside from publishing textbooks for Hong Kong schools, a complete set of textbooks for Southeast Asian schools was produced in the 1930s.

The Ruins Of The Commercial Press Part Two

The Commercial Press building after Japanese bombing in 1932 Source: Wikipedia

1957 Began to publish textbooks for the 5-year syllabus in Hong Kong’s Chinese Middle Schools.

1979 The Hong Kong Educational Publishing Company was established. It mainly publishes various textbooks and reference books for the Hong Kong and Macau school market.

1988 The Hong Kong branch was formally registered as The Commercial Press (HK) Ltd.

The Commercial Press Advert The China Mail 7.1.1925

Source: Unknown

2004 Acquisition of Bloomsbury Books.

2007 110th Anniversary of The Commercial Press.

Source: The Commercial Press (H.K.) Ltd

This article was first posted on 14th December 2023.

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