Tai O stilt houses installed with solar panels- to be connected to CLP’s grid

“Discount the growing throngs of tourists and worsening traffic and not too much has changed for Tai O’s indigenous townsfolk. Shrimp, fish and squid are still laid out to air dry under the sun as they have for generations.

But residents from one of the west Lantau town’s fishing villages are beginning to discover an additional use for sunshine through a recently launched renewable energy project developed with the help of green group WWF-Hong Kong.

Small-scale and lightweight photovoltaic systems, each with 20 to 25 solar panels, were installed on the rooftops of three stilt houses last summer, each with a two-kilowatt capacity capable of generating 2,000 to 2,500 kilowatt-hours of electricity a year…

Tai O Solar Panels Connecting To CLP Grid SCMP 26.2.17

Photo: Dickson Lee Courtesy: SCMP

…The systems are in the process of being connected to supplier CLP’s electricity grid. Currently, users do not know how much of the electricity they are using is clean or from the grid. With a grid connection, they could use the solar power directly or feed the renewable energy into the grid to offset their electricity costs. (1)

This article was first posted on 15th March 2017.


  1. Tai O stilt homes to help prop up Hong Kong’s power grid with solar panel systems SCMP 26th Febuary 2017

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