Cheng Cheung Hing Shrimp Paste Factory, Tai O

HF: The SCMP of 17th September 2014 contained an article about the demise of the shrimp paste industry in Tai O on Lantau island.

In particular it provides details about the Cheng Cheung Hing Shrimp Paste Factory and its owner Cheng Kai-Keung shown in the photo below. The company was founded by his great-grandfather in 1920. Production was badly affected by the banning of trawling in HK waters in 2013 which cut off supplies of local shrimp. As a result Cheng moved production to the Guandong cities of Yangjiang and Taishan leaving only final processing steps for himself and his wife at the family’s Tai O Factory.

Shrimp Paste - Cheng Cheung Hing Shrimp image SCMP 17.9.14. b

Courtesy: Nora Tam SCMP

Shrimp Paste - Cheng Cheung Hing Shrimp image SCMP 17.9.14

Courtesy: Nora Tam SCMP

See: SCMP article Village losing iits taste for century-old flavour 17th September 2014

This article was first posted on 21st April 2015.

The index contains several articles about Tai O including:

  1. Sing Lee Shrimp Sauce and Paste Factory, Tai O
  2. HK China Products and Cheung Wing Kee – Makers of Shrimp Noodles
  3. Tai O Salt Production
  4. Tai O Union Electric Company – bought by CLP in 1955
  5. Sedan Chairs at Tai O, Lantau Island
  6. Shek Pik Reservoir – Tai O Road construction link to end of Tai O salt production

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