Ship painting in Hong Kong, information requested

IDJ writes, ”sifting through images I have taken over the years in Hong Kong I came across these precarious ship’s painting photographs. I don’t recall that this has been a subject your site has covered. Presumably there were local contractors in this business, although I have no idea of them.”

Hugh Farmer: IDJ is correct, this website has not covered the subject of painting ships in Hong Kong. I would be very grateful if a visitor to this website could provide information about a) the history of ship painting in HK, b) the names of companies who were involved in this business and c) anything else on the subject. You can contact the website using the email address provided in Contact on our site Home Page.

Ship Painting Image 1 IDJ

Image 1

Ship Painting Image 2

Image 2

Ship Painting Image 3

Image 3

Ship Painting Image 4

Image 4

Ship Painting Image 5

Image 5

Ship Painting Image 7

Image 6

Ship Painting Image 6

Image 7

This article was first posted on 30th August 2023.

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