Shek Pik Reservoir – Tai Long Wan resettlement village for some displaced residents

HF: “Tai Long Wan Village – a pleasant community built in 1959. When the government was finalizing its plans for Shek Pik Reservoir, it built Tai Long Wan Village to re-settle many people whose homes were to be flooded by the reservoir – the villagers from Shek Pik Wai, Fan Pui, Kong Pui, Sha Tsui, Chung Hau and Hang Tsai. (Some villagers were also re-settled at Mui Wo and Tsuen Wan.)

Over ten families now live in Tai Long Wan Village, mostly members of the Fung and Tsui families. The Fung Ancestral Hall is situated there”. (1)

Tai Long Wan village. Shek Pik reservoir, Centamap a

Courtesy: CentaMap

Tai Long Wan village. Shek Pik reservoir map

Courtesy: AFC Dept


  1. AFC – Shek Pik campsite 

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