Samuel Cutler & Sons – Millwall, London and Telford, UK – maker of the Aberdeen gasometer


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Courtesy: Kevin Hogg

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The prominent Towngas gasometer on the Aberdeen harbour front was erected in 1981 by Hong Kong United Engineering Ltd. though originally constructed by S Cutler & Sons of Telford, UK, on an unknown date.

The Engineer 1968 Jan-Jun: Index has under Cutler & Sons Ltd., Samuel “Gasholder in steel tank ordered by Hong Kong & China Gas Co., C (726)”. Could this be the Aberdeen gasholder? If so where did HK & China Gas originally erect it on delivery?

Both IDJ and Stephen Davies tracked down the Grace Guide article about Samuel Cutler & Sons linked below.

“Samuel Cutler was born in 1841, being the son of Mr Samuel Cutler, of the Wenlock Iron Works, City Road, London.

On leaving school he entered the shops and drawing office of the family business, and in 1850 the firm – Messrs. Samuel Cutler and Sons  – moved to the Providence Iron Works, Millwall.

On his father’s death in 1870, the subject of this memoir took his place in the management of the business, and the high reputation gained by the firm in gas engineering matters was a tribute to his genius for successful control.

The Kennington Lane gas-holder of the Phoenix Gas Co. (subsequently merged into the South Metropolitan Gas Co.) was in the early “Seventies” an interesting example of the firm’s boldness and pioneering skill in the construction of large holders, and some years later, in 1883, Mr. Cutler’s firm carried out the construction and erection of still larger holders for the Birmingham Corporation Gas Works.

As the years went on, still larger dimensions were reached. The works at Millwall were well placed for Continental business, and a 4 million cubic foot holder erected at Vienna, and subsequently removed to Berlin, afforded samples of the Firm’s activities.” (1)

Samuel Cutler & Sons, Millwall, London, Advert March 1903

Advert March 1903 Courtesy: Grace’s Guide

Samuel Cutler & Sons, Millwall, London, Advert Sept 1909, Grace's Guide

Advert Sept 1909 Courtesy: Grace’s Guide

This article was first posted on 20th April 2017.


  1. Grace’s Guide – Samuel Cutler

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  • John Suckling

    Had my apprenticeship with this Company during the late 1950’s in Millwall. Can remember Mr Brewer the General Manager and have many happy memories of this fine Company.

  • william mcintosh

    i have a Flintlock musket with Cutler and Son London embossed on the stock did the company have armed guards?

  • Martin Daly

    Huge gasworks in Dublin, stamped with ‘Cutler & Sons, London, 1885’. Now turned into apartments. Current picture below as well as one from the 1980s

    The system won’t allow me post links to pictures.

  • Lorraine Riley

    Any information about the company after they moved from London please. Tracing my husband’s ancestors related to Samuel Cutler.

  • Joan Chalk

    I have just found out (from the 1921 census) that my mother’s uncle worked there as a ‘stock keeper’ (in 1921) – does anyone know what that was?

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