Ping-Ling Seng (沈炳麟, 1913-2009) – founder of Gloria Weaving & Knitting Co

York Lo: Gloria Weaving & Knitting (大業織造廠) was founded by Ningbonese businessman Ping Ling SENG (沈炳麟, 1913-2009) who first made his fortune exporting straw hats in Shanghai and moved to Hong Kong in 1948.

Ping Ling Seng image


Seng started his philanthropy in Shanghai in the 1930s but instead of using his own name, over the years he has donated hundreds of millions to charities in HK and China under the assumed name of Yin Shin Leung (應善良 – literally translate to “Be Kind” in Chinese).

His son Peter Seng who graduated from Columbia University established a scholarship at Columbia in his honor.

For those who read simplified Chinese, below is the link to his Yin Shin Leung Foundation which has a bio of him and describe all his charitable activities:

This article was first posted on 13th April 2015.

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