Ngauchiwan / Fukui Shipyard during the Japanese Occupation, 1942-1945

Elizabeth Ride has sent this brief extract from BAAG Intelligence Summaries written during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong, World War Two:

Auxiliary wooden vessels and other small craft are constructed at the Fukui Shipyard, formerly known as the Ngauchiwan Shipyard, situated Southeast of Kai Tak airfield off Tai Wan Tsun.  Only the hulls are produced here, the engines being manufactured by the Hip Tung Wo Engineering Works in Tokwawan.  The capacity is believed to be 10 small vessels per month, and about 200 workers are employed.

Ngau Chi Wan Dockyard BAAG Report WIS #18 12.2.43 Detail B2

BAAG Report WIS #18 dated 12.2.43

Stephen Davies suggests that Ngautaukok shipyard is pretty much the same as Ngauchiwan/Fukui Shipyard see article linked below.

HK:Any images of showing shipyards in this area, pre and immediately post-WW2 would be very useful. As of course would any taken during the Japanese occupation.

This article was first posted on 8th August 2015.

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