The Camber Shipyard at Wellington Barracks during the Japanese Occupation 1942-1945

Elizabeth Ride has kindly sent the sketch map and key from a February 1945 BAAG report shown below.

Stephen Davies: This was also known at the Boat Pool. gwulo has a map shown in the its link below which shows the Camber as the small basin to the right, ie east, of the main basin.

Hugh Farmer: Some mystery surrounds this shipyard. There is a lack of information and images presumably because it was military and therefore not in the business of broadcasting what went on there, nor encouraging photography. Indeed was it a Navy or Army shipyard? see gwulo below.

Any information about The Camber would be welcomed.

Camber at Wellington Barracks dockyard sketchCamber at Wellington Barracks dockyard sketch key


  1. – “The Camber – That’s the name of the small basin and slip above Wellington Barracks. On a 1920s map, it looks as though the buildings around the Camber belonged to the Army. So was the Camber specifically for Army use, or was it shared with the Navy?”
  2. – Boat Pool / Camber, Naval Dockyard
  3. – Wellington Barracks
  4. wikipedia – Wellington Barracks

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